About Etherneum ( ETX )

Etherneum ( ETX ) is digital asset based on ERC 20 token smart contract on ethereum blockchain to support e-commerce, financial ( Interest free ), eduction and health. Etherneum( ETX ) can send, receive, trade and exchange with p2p transaction with little transaction fee. Etherneum(ETX) is a decentralized platform which runs very efficiently. It has its most secure, realiable and robust payments digital token system.

It is built with it’s own custom built blockchain which is enormously powerful can move your organizational value around the world. It is your organization’s representation of the ownership of property digitally.

Smart money, smart wallet

The Etherneum(ETX) Wallet is a gateway to other decentralized assets, tokens and coins on blockchain for easy, secure and lightning fast trading. It allows you to hold and secure Etherneum(ETX) and other crypto-assets built on ERC20 platform.

POWER OF Etherneum(ETX)

Security of transactions and life-long receipts and payments are guaranteed by the Etherneum ( ETX ) blockchain! The smart contract algorithm on which the project is based is uploaded to the blockchain Etherneum with the OWNERSHIP WAIVER function. This means that nobody – including the organizers- can access it to tamper with its independent functioning.


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